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From my home to yours, I bring you Southern Charm! Here at Southern Charm, we specialize in everything that is Southern comfort and style. Whether you need a candle to bring home to Momma or just want to spruce up your house or you are getting ready to host a party, we've got the accessories and home décor you need for it all. If we don't have it, more than likely we can special order it for you...Don't hesitate to ask! Not just accessories, furniture, too!!! The possibilities are endless! Everything is sold out of my own home, so I only can order in what I have room for. With each and every order, I try to bring in a little something new and different, so stay tuned...You never know what you're gonna miss. At Southern Charm, we treat our customers like guests in our home, well, because you are, so of course you will be treated with the best of Southern Hospitality.